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      The All New Feather Raft x Bass Brigade Collaboration. 
      Limited Quantities Available!

      Handcrafted FEATHER-RAFT® | Model: BRGD-17300

      96 x 48 x 6 inch hand-crafted rigid foam raft coated with a durable composite plastic, very stable platform, weighing about 70 pounds, about 32 square feet of spacious deck space for your gear, 500 pound working capacity, motorizable, and ready to be deployed with minimal setup.


      Included Accessories 

      The X-1 Kayak Paddle by SeaSense

      The X-1 Kayak Paddle by SeaSense features a 2-piece aluminum construction and it is lightweight for enhanced performance. With a total length of 96 inches, this kayak paddle is all you need to enjoy any outdoor activity. Ergonomic hand grips help enhance comfort while you are out enjoying your fun time. Despite its light weight, this kayak paddle is balanced. It comes equipped with adjustable drip rings to ensure you are dry throughout the experience.

      Silent Spin Seat

      The Original Silent Spin Seat rotates silently - 360° on our slider system which has no moving parts. It's extremely quiet in all types of weather, fits all standard buckets and on any flat surface, and is ideal for hunting, fishing, stadium or bleacher seats or any other recreational activity.

      Handcrafted Removable Motor Mount

      Wooden construction, removable motor mount 55 pound thrust capacity, easy assembly, black, corrosion resistant hardware, 32 x 11.25 x 9 inches.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Does the Feather-Raft need to be registered? Each state is different, check with your state's regulatory agency. Every Feather-Raft comes with the necessary documentation for registration.

      What is the max weight capacity of the Feather-Raft? The total weight capacity is 500 pounds.

      Price: $800 + Tax & Shipping. [ Buy Now ]

      • Orders require 50% Deposit. You will be contacted in 3 to 5 business days to complete your order to finalize tax & shipping.
      • Each order is boxed & shipped ground. Estimate 10 to 15 Business days from order date.
      • Freight Estimate for Residential $245 to $395
      • Freight Estimate for Business to Business $175 to $375 
      • Local pick up is available.  No Freight Charges. 
      • You may also choose a “Dock Pickup” of your Feather-Raft at your locally UPS hub. This option eliminates the residential delivery fee. 
      • promotional discounts are not available for use on this collaboration.

      If you have any questions regarding this product please send an email to